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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 4, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> a dramatic shootout in oregon.involving state trooper and a man who had three young kids in the car. here's how it played out. >> please get back into the car! you were speeding. if (profanity) (shots fired) >> officer: shots fired!, shots fired! >> reporter: this dash-cam footage shows the trooper pull over 34-year old john van allen. the military veteran immediately gets out of his car.he's wearing military fatigues.and has one hand behind his back. inside the car.his three kids.between 10 and 15 years old.they were on a road trip when the trooper pulled him over. the trooper repeadedly asks van allen to get back in his car. then van allen walks towards the trooper and both
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men shoot each other. van allen is hit once in the chest. he's able to ger back in his car.then drives off.he was found dead half a mile down the road. his children were not hurt. the trooper was hit on the right side of his chest.but that injury was not cinsidered serious. the d-a ruled the trooper's use of deadly force was justified. >> pam: a man has been flown to the hospital. after setting himself on fire on washington's national mall today. police say, the man was conscious and breathing when medical personnel arrived at the scene. witnesses say, they saw a man dump a red canister of gasoline on his own head and then set himself on fire. several people used their shirts to put the fire out. officials say, the man has life-threatening injuries.
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pa >> a day after the u-s capital was on lock-down, investigators are on the hunt for clues about what set off miriam carey. she is the woman shot and killed by police, during a car chase near the u-s capitol yesterday. miriam carey's sister says, she had a number of mental issues. tory dunnan reports. >> reporter: investigators have had scoured her connecticut department try to figure out what the woman had on her mind. residents of this apartment complex were stunned. >> is a sensitive area. and >> reporter: she ran to the white house barricades and led the police on a chase. she was shot when they caught up to her at the capitol and later pronounced dead. >> it was very scary. >> reporter: the politicians and the workers were scrambling for cover. one of
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the most heavily guarded areas was put on lockdown. >> the police for very quick to surround us. and they said do not move because we could smell the gunpowders of the we knew that it was very close. >> the boyfriend had contacted the police because she was suffering from postpartum depression, and he was worried about the children. she was on anti- depressant, anti-bipolar, and also she has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. in washington, tory dunnan. for kron 4 news. >> pam: miriam carey also reportedly believed. president obama was communicating with her. and she was obsessed with that delusion. the family identified carey's body this afternoon. officials say, her child is currently with a foster family.
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>> this is the fourth day of the government shut down. many federal government services remain shutdown and unfunded tonight. the u-s is also inching closer to the critical date of possible default-- october 17th, if congress does not raise the debt ceiling. tonight, house speaker john boehner offering harsh words to president obama and congressional democrats. >> this isn't some damn game! the american people don't want their government shut down and neither do i. all we are asking for is to sit down and to have a discussion and to bring fairness - re-open the government and bring fairness to the american people under obamacare. it is as simple as that. >> pam: boehner says, the president is refusing to negotiate in order to end the shutdown. but the white house challenged boehner to allow the house to vote on a senate version of a plan to fund the government -- without making changes to obamacare. at issue is a short-term spending plan that would fund the government in the new fiscal year that started tuesday.
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>> jacqueline: calm winds this evening however, not the case, earlier. the hills above 1,000 ft., we could have seen some stronger winds, with 25-35 m.p.h. wind gusting earlier. however, tonight overnight not as strong but there is still a fire danger because of the dry conditions. and 1,000 ft. and we can see the areas highlight it and read. the el diablo range, in the -- red zone on the map again, it is dry and it is warm and breezy through the overnight hours. temperatures some locations, much warmer come
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mainly 80s. 80 degrees in half moon bay. '70s in san francisco, and in the san jose and this is the changes in the last 24 hours. the same in oakland. in the south-bay, hayward, fremont. and as we go for tomorrow we will still have widespread 80s. 85 degrees in san jose, los gatos. cupertino, loagain, we are going to see those areas of 80s -- bay-area wide livermore, hayward, and even along the coast. . and widespread 80s also for the north-bay with a word, and a san mateo coast. the oakland is planning the tigers and they are hosting again
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tomorrow. they are playing the tigers. through tomorrow, some calm winds, and also the golden gate park bluegrass festival would '60s and '70s in the oakland raiders are going to be hosting the chargers right here on kron 4 news. if the weather cooperates, clear skies. we will see sunny and warm conditions and a significantly less wind than what we saw today. next week, the shifting wind patterns. with more cloud coverage and as we get cooler we will see cooler temperatures. >> pam: this is a smoke advisory still in effect a latest details, coming up. >> stanley: coming up. and i saw that you had went from the on ramp and onto the on
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ramp >> stanley: the c h p crackdown in the next edition of people behaving badly. >> gary: coming up later in this broadcast we are going to keep you updated with detroit and hall are they doing? how are they doing?
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(male announcer) now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> stanley: let's watch the actions of this blue bmw the driver stops at the stop sign then proceeds across miller creek road that driver was just one of litterley dozens upon dozens of drivers and many will end up with a huge fine here is why. back in july marin county supervisors passed an ordinance banning this behavior on this off ramp drivers exit the freeway at marinwood only to re-enter the freeway this is to bypass congestion on highway 101 it got so bad that residents became fed up and asked for help so caltrans added twoof
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these black and white reglatory signs reading left turn only from 6am to 10am and this yellow sign warning of a left turn only approaching anyway, to make a long story short these signs might as well be invisible because driver are ignoring them or claim they never saw the signs so first the chp handed out warnings to curb the problem but now the glove are off and it is a full on crackdown of drivers jumping off the freeway andsigns so a special enforcement team of the chp that responds to high volume citizens complaints is handing out tickets like candy in fact as the officers finishes writi8ng one ticket another driver pop up on his radar this driver was missing one important thing when he was pulled over, his drivers license he had to walk home it's so bad that i am in a chp cruiser and this driver in from of the officer crosses, it's that bad in the next segment im goung to show you how many people were ticketed and want some of the drivers has to say like this lady so you just jump of and jump back on again well every body does that line on my mother and she said if everyone drove a cliff . you all know the rest of that story in marin county, stanley roberts-kron 4 news the metal latest on the motorcycle road rage incident. >> the latest on the motorcycle road rage accident rage
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road rage caught on camera. new twists to the motorcycle incident over the weekend. our grant lodes has details on the arrests police are about to make, and the new video showing the bikers before they surrounded the range rover. shopping for items seen on your favorite t-v shows? it is now possible, with the click of a button. our tech reporter gabe slate shows us how it all works. and: this blaze in fairfield is just one of several fires burning in the bay area tonight. and a smoke advisory is also now in effect. details just ahead. now at 8-30. smokey skies in parts of the bay area. several fires are burning tonight. in fact. a smoke advisory remains in effect. residents are advised to stay inside if possible. and close their windows. the biggest fire is burning in fairfield. at last check. this fire is now more than one-thousand acres. it's about 75-percent contained. you can see the intense flames. it started south of state highway- 12. at least one structure has been destroyed. and more are threatened. in napa county. a fire raged overnight near lake berryessa. burning nearly 400 acres. firefighters are also getting a handle on fires in sonoma county in rhonert park. and in livermore.
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>> tonight. new twists in the new york motorcycle incident. the biker who used his helmet to bash in the window of this s-u-v. has now been indentified. and several people involved are speaking out. grant is following this story. he joins us with an update.grant. >> reporter: police sources say the man who busted the window in will be arrested soon. meanwhile, sources tell cnn an off dudty undercover cop was among the bikers who saw thie whole thing go down last sunday. that officer is a memebr of the motorcycle group.and waited until wednesday to tell his bosses. he's being investigated.and has hired a lawyer.but it's unclear if he was legally obligated to intervene. tonight there's new video of the bikers on sidewalks, shutting down other streets earlier that day. meanwhile, the lien family is talking. alexian lien was driving the range rover when the bikers surrounded his car on manhattan's west side slowed in front of him.lien hit the biker, who was not seriously injured. other bikers staretd beating his suv and slashing his tires. fearing for himself and his wife and baby daughter who were also in the car.lien quickly drive away.plowing into 3 more bikers. now lien's wife is defensing her husband's decision.saying his actions saved their family's lives. today the wife of a biker
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who was run over says her husband is paralyzed.she's hired an attorney.and wants charges pressed against the man behind the wheel of the range rover. the suv driver, alexia lien, was dragged out of the suv, beaten and slashed. he's recovering. lauren: i'm 100% on the driver's side!! and i think this stupid gang should be fined and many more arrested. izzy: the bikers were in the wrong, but the suv driver is in a 4000 pound suv, he didn't need to run the bikers over. we encourage you to chime in and visit our facebook fan page >> pam: still ahead. meet the woman behind the voice of siri. >> a imagine watching your favorite television series and you see something that you would like to purchase, furniture, furnishings, or clothing it is totally possible with a san francisco-based company.
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>> >> you have probably heard her voice many times for directions, restaurant, and it is the virtual assistant on the apple iphone, she has been a voice actors since she was very young. reporting that she was able to help with many
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electronic interfaces. >> to be very honest it was a bit.. it took some time for me to get used to it but now we are friends la [laughter] >> pam: she was working four hours per day for the entire month to create the voice of siri she had no idea where her voice would be used. >> jacqueline: the wind is the dying down. it is still, breezy, 26 mph but still, to the mount diablo range, 25 m.p.h. in the coastal range. still, gusting winds with 35 m.p.h. we are still going to see some calm winds expected with warmer temperatures. how much warmer it is going to get, coming.
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welcome we are still going to have preconditions for the overnight our high fire
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these red flag warnings will be remaining until 6:00 a.m. for the north bay, the east bay hills. the santa cruz mountains and the delta because of the dry conditions. and warm conditions. 70's for daly city, and '80s in oakland. here is the change from just 24 hours for most of the south bay we are going to continue to see widespread 80s. mid '80s in the south- bay. and los gatos and 80s
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in daly city and '80s for the north-a oakland a's are hosting the tigers. game no. 2. that temperatures will remain rather warm. as that game gets under way with a '70s and '80s to start the game. this sunny skies with temperatures in the upper 60's and 70's and breezy on saturday. kron 4 will air the raiders - chargers game this sunday night at eight - 30. we'll have all the pre-game excitement, along with our kron 4 news starting at 8 p- m. immediately following the game, we'll have a newscast and post-game show with highlights. all with sports director gary radnich. next. behind the app.
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>> gary: raiders running back darren mcfadden did not practice again today as he nurses a hamstring injury. he is listed as doubtful. and will be a game time decision. raiders game on kron kron will be carrying the raiders chargers game this sunday night tune in to kron at 8pm for the pregame show and after the game for our postgame show mixed in with our news programming kickoff time is 8:35pm
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philip refers is one of the hottest quarterbacks in the industry. phillips crabberwith 1 touchdown philip rivers. could be.. along night, this could be a long night. >> philip reversed is probably putting the best film of rivers fan as a he has always the amazing competitive player. >> gary: houston is going to come in and get ready for the 49ers. the 49ers are a six. favorite. and the
8:53 pm
raining and defensive player. with just a few sacks. houston = 2-2. colin kaepernick and coach jim harbaugh. >> he is someone he is going to try to block a pass any way that he. >> he is a great player. >> he can rule in a game. for his opponent >> the a's are off to a difficult start on the first game they only have one run at the oakland coliseum. >> magic johnson. the
8:54 pm
dodgers but tonight they needed to have some victory on sunday and monday. and ramirez could not come any closer. throwing it strong. it is, 4-3. today, the boston marathon bombing victims were honored before the gain. 12-2, is red sox all over tampa bay. and my wife, is here on the scene are you ready? >> yes! you always brag about not being emotionally attached to any of the team's.
8:55 pm
>> i would not say that i would use the term " cracking ". but i just like these guys i would not use the term bragging -- however, these billionaires are self made men. it is a bit difficult for me when the warriors have been down so long. but i think that the warriors are going to be a big story this year. >> james says that now what are you going to talk about ? >> listen, everybody has their own sae. a lot of people saying that what a good sport he took it all in spite of what he went through a would not argue with any of that. as far as
8:56 pm
money? i would feel sorry about my emotions towards anybody else with $20 million. >> and that is fair enough. and also.... moving on. i hear a lot of dodgers called are thought that you were a be a real need to have? >> i never told panama but i grew up in orchard and never told -- pm or jacqueline but i grew up in orchard. >> that is still in california. and the giants players management is now routin for the rooting for the a's. >> and marty i cannot believe that you would go to
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the santa cruz boardwalk's instead of walt disney land. >> yes!
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